During my time at the University of West Georgia, each semester I have taken a mixture of classes related to my major, minor and concentration in Public Relations. Listed below in chronological order are the specific courses that were taken each semester over my last two years as a student at the University of West Georgia.

As a student at UWG, I have worked with many wonderful professors who have equipped me with work that could be utilized beyond my time spent in their classroom. Following my detailed corse schedule are attachments of related work from some of these courses. Courses with featured work will be noted with an asterisk (*).   


SPRING 2015:
Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 1102)
Principles of Marketing (MKTG 3803)
Public Relations Principles (COMM 3313)
Mass Communications Research Methods (COMM 4484)

SUMMER 2015:
Media Ethics (COMM 2245)
Sales Management (MKTG 4805)

FALL 2015:
Advertising Practices (MKTG 3809)
Business Communications (AEBD 3100)*
Web Design (AEBD 4118)
Writing and Reporting for Newspapers (COMM 3301)*

SPRING 2016:
Digital Media and Society (3354)
Public Relations Cases (COMM 4413)
Retail Management (MKTG 3839)
Public Relations Writing (COMM 4451)*




Business Communications (AEBD 3100)
Business Communications Resume Project: For this assignment we were given specific expectations for creating a resume that we would be able to use in the future. Many students had already written a resume before while I had not. This assignment was a great learning experience for me and I later used this resume when applying for my internship at Southwire Company.

Writing and Reporting for Newspapers (COMM 3301)
Student Activities Council Feature Article: This course required students to write various types of articles that are used in newspapers. This included hard news as well as feature style writing. This particular assignment was my final project in the class. We were required to choose a club or event on campus and create a feature article which needed to include quotations from those involved in the event or organization. I chose our Student Activities Committee as the organization for my article.


Public Relations Writing (COMM 4451)
This course has been an amazing learning oppertunity for me. In this class we worked through out the year on expanding our knowledge or Public Relations writing and perfect our craft. Feature articles, public service announcements, news releases and social media posts were among the many types of writing we created during the semester. We also had the chance to partner with the Flint Riverkeepers, an organization working towards establishing water trails along the Flint River. The following are writing pieces that were created specifically for this organizations goals.

Flint River Water Trail Fact Sheet
Flint Water Trail Web Page Writing
Public Relations Business Plan