Learning Outside Classroom

As a student at UWG, education and learning has not taking place solely inside of a classroom. Many organizations on and off campus have given me an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. The following are some of the most influential organizations I have been apart of. Each of them has impacted me in a great way.

University of West Georgia Cheerleading:
I was a member of the 2012-2013 All-Girl cheerleading program at the University of West Georgia. As a member of this team, I helped to bring home the first D1 national championship title for the program. Aside from this being an amazing accomplishment on an athletic level being a member of this team helped me accomplish much more than a national title. I learned the importance of time management, working as a team and perseverance.

Kappa Delta Sorority:
Being apart of Kappa Delta has given me some of the greatest oppertunities and allowed me to grow into a strong and confident women. I took on various leadership roles in my sorority such as Alumni Relations Chair and Mass Communications Mentor. I was much more shy before joining this organization and taking on these leadership roles gave me the confidence I was lacking in order to do a better job leading others outside of Kappa Delta. Through Kappa Delta I learned that it is neccessary to stand up for yourself and have a voice. I learned the importance of being a leader and setting examples for others.

Southwire Company:
I am currently an inside sales intern with in the Tools and Assembled Products division at Southwire. This internship has taught me so much. I have gotten hands on experience with sales and the many dynamics that go into a successful sales group such as attention to detail, timelines and precision. I have also learned a lot about myself. Before this internship I had doubts about my readiness for the work place. I have learned that my time as a student at UWG has beyond prepared me for the work place. While I will always have room to grow and learn it was a great feeling to know that I was prepared for this position.