Short-term Goals:

  • Become better organized. It is my goal to become more organized at home and in the classroom.
  • Receive a 4.0 Academic GPA in at least one of my final semesters of college.
  • Graduate from the University of West Georgia in 2017.


Long-term Goals: these include goals I hope to achieve within the next five years.

  • Travel outside of the United States at least twice.
  • Accept a full-time job offer.
  • Purchase something substantial on my own, such as a car or home.

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Educational Goals: these are goals I have set for my personal education.

  • Travel abroad before graduating from the University of West Georgia.
  • Receive a masters degree in either Marketing, Business or Management depending on my occupation post graduation.
  • Continue to be involved at the University of West Georgia as an alumni.


Career Goals: these are goals I hope to achieve as a business women.

  • Work within the Public Relations or Marketing field.
  • Truthfully, I can’t put my finger on the exact job or line or work I want to do after graduating. I have loved working in sales and hope to one day have a career in which I am able to interest with people and impact others while using what I have learned during my time as a student.
  • Gain the respect of my co-workers and colleges.
  • Continuously grow through learning and experience within the industry.
  • Fun Fact: My dream job would be to work in the make up industry, helping companies brand their products. I have always said the job of my dreams would be to create the names for OPI’s nail polishes and nail polish collections.



Personal Goals: these are goals that I hope to achieve outside of my professional life

  • Volunteer more.
  • Start writing inside of a daily journal.
  • Kick my bad habit not makingĀ time for myself to enjoy the things I love most such as painting my nails, listening to new podcasts & reading books and my daily devotional. These may sound like simple things that don’t consume much time, but because of that I justify reasons why I shouldn’t take that little bit of time and dedicate it to these activities.


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